Достопримечательности южного региона Исландии

Many of the most famous tourist attractions Iceland is located in the southern part of the island. It is not surprising that the largest number of tourists visit this region.

Западные фьорды в Исландии - нетронутый туристами уголок природы

Iceland's Western Fjords or Westfjords are a special and unlike any other part of Iceland. This region is distinguished by its nature, landscapes, and history. The Western Fjords region is the largest peninsula in Iceland, it stretches far to the northwest, between the bays of Breidafjordur and Hunlafla.

Горы в районе Восточной Исландии

In East Iceland you will find many things that make Iceland one of the most unique places in the world. Eastern Iceland stretches from Skeiðarársandur in the south to the Langanes Peninsula in the north. The landscapes of eastern Iceland are exceptional in many ways - a significant part of the territory is covered by a glacier. This is Iceland's largest glacier, Vatnajokull, and the coastline is all cut up by deep fjords with steep cliffs and mountain peaks.

Деттифосс в Северной Исландии

Northern Iceland is a region from the Langanes Peninsula to the Hrútafjörður fjord. The eastern part of the area includes majestic highlands and powerful glacial rivers and waterfalls, and the main attraction of the more densely populated western part is its history and heritage.

Скалистое побережье западной Исландии

West Iceland is one of Iceland's hidden treasures, right near the capital. In less than an hour's drive, you can find yourself surrounded by Iceland's diverse nature, landscapes, culture and cuisine with some unusual features. Moreover, the roads to Western Iceland are never closed even in winter!

Маршрут авто путешествия по Исландии

Are you going to Iceland? Then here you are!

Features of planning a car trip in Iceland and examples of routes.

Погода и осадки в Исландии по месяцам

The average temperatures in different regions of Iceland can vary greatly by month. Rains are more likely somewhere, and somewhere it will be warm and relatively dry.

В Исландию зимой - стоит ли ехать?

A trip to Iceland in winter is a trip to a completely different Iceland. And it's worth it!

The winter period (from the end of September to April) in Iceland is considered to be out of season, although in recent years the number of tourists has been growing regardless of the time of year. Travelers are deterred by the short daylight hours (about four hours), constant storms and cold.

10 правил отличной поездки на машине по Исландии!

One of the best, and sometimes the only, ways to get to know Iceland intimately is by car. Or rather, a trip by car. The most popular route for independent travel in Iceland by car is a trip along the 1st highway around Iceland, and our tips will help make it unforgettable.

Исландия за неделю, маршрут путешествия!

Planning trips, namely routes, always takes a very long time. Therefore, this ready-made, 7-day Iceland trip route is what you need! There are a lot of places to visit in Iceland, and it's hard to choose the best ones, but this route will give you the opportunity to get to know and see the most beautiful and popular places in Iceland.

Озеро Мюватн и Бриллиантовое кольцо Исландии

A Diamond or Diamond ring is the northern version of a Golden Circle. The Diamond Ring route can be described as a magnificent route of about 260 km in the northeast of Iceland.