10 правил отличной поездки на машине по Исландии!

One of the best, and sometimes the only, ways to get to know Iceland intimately is by car. Or rather, a trip by car. The most popular route for independent travel in Iceland by car is a trip along the 1st highway around Iceland, and our tips will help make it unforgettable.

10 rules for a successful car trip in Iceland

  1. Think about food and drinks while you're in town

    There are no shops and supermarkets everywhere in Iceland. Small shops can be found in almost every village, but still there will not be enough choice, prices may be higher, and the store will work 5-6 hours a day. Gas stations are often fully automatic and without maintenance personnel, so it's not always possible to buy something there either. Of course, there is always something to eat near popular attractions, but the prices there bite. Sometimes you will have to pay up to 15 euros for an ordinary, albeit delicious sandwich, as near the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon.

    In large cities there are many supermarkets with a good selection. There, for example, you can buy a disposable grill and pickled lamb meat - a great idea for dinner!

    The most common supermarket chains are Bonus and Kronan. Most often supermarkets are open from 8-9 in the morning and close at 20-21 in the evening. Almost all supermarkets are closed on Sunday.

  2. Be prepared for any weather in Iceland

    When you woke up in the morning and looked out of the window or tent, the sky was cloudless and the sun was shining brightly. What a great day you thought and slowly continued to pack up for a walk in good weather? You are wrong, because literally in 15-40-45 minutes the weather can change dramatically - a heavy wind will blow, it will rain. Or maybe quite the opposite, arriving in one of the most beautiful places in Iceland, you will be disappointed by the grayness of the colors, but after walking for 10-20 minutes you will be surprised to see rainbows and the sparkling sun!

    That is why in Iceland it is always worth remembering about clothes for any weather: a jacket, a raincoat, but a panama hat from the sun is also useful. And if you are heading to the mountains, then grab a swimsuit and a towel - suddenly you will meet a hot spring, of which there are many.

  3. Don't stop too often to take photos or admire the scenery

    The nature of Iceland and the opening landscapes just make you stop every 10-15 minutes, if you have an unlimited amount of time, then do so, just of course make sure that your car does not interfere with anyone. But if the schedule is limited, it is better to stop at the planned places or at the observation decks, which are located in the most beautiful places, and the information that you are approaching the observation deck will always be waiting for you in the form of road signs.
  4. Caution in and behind the car

    There are a lot of tourists in Iceland and the state is trying to make their vacation comfortable and safe. But a road is a road, there are sharp turns on it, primers crumble, and sometimes they can be washed away or closed. Always pay attention to the warning signs.While on hiking trails, the ocean or even on a glacier, always remember that the elements can be very beautiful and very strong. A few years ago, the waves literally "washed away" a tourist into the sea. He died.

    And please follow a few simple rules:

    • Don't leave any garbage
    • do not go to the toilet in the wrong places
    • Don't leave graffiti
    • do not walk on moss (it is very slow to recover)

  5. Do not expect to refuel after 20-30-40 km

    There are a lot of gas stations in Iceland, but not less than in continental Europe, especially if you drove into the mountains. Therefore, remember that if you do not have a full gas tank, and you cannot see the villages ahead on the map, then you should refuel at the first gas station or even look for it at the exit from the settlement.

  6. If you need Icelandic crowns, then only as souvenirs

    In Iceland, everywhere (OK, we haven't checked everywhere at all, but 99% for sure) you can pay with a payment card. Even a cute Icelandic woman in a remote village selling souvenirs has a payment terminal. The only thing is to make sure that your bank knows that you are going to Iceland and plan to use the card.

  7. A good playlist

    While traveling by car in Iceland, you will have to spend quite a lot of time in the car, and good music will help brighten up this time along with beautiful landscapes. The only thing to think about is how to connect your phone or player to the car, most likely bluetooth will be the most convenient way, but it's better to think about other options.
  8. Attention: animals along the roads

    There are many animals in Iceland, and even more pets. There are even more of them than there are people. And fields do not always have fences, and a passing mother sheep with lambs may be right around the corner. So be careful in places where animals can potentially jump out.

  9. Make sure you have enough memory cards for a photo card, video camera, or phone

    You will be shooting a lot, a lot, so you should clean the memory cards in advance, and maybe even buy a couple of spare ones.

  10. Plan your trip

    Some people advise you to go unprepared, but look at the weather forecasts. Of course, it is also possible, although this does not exclude bad weather :) But your route should be thought out in advance, based on the descriptions, the season in which you are planning a trip and on the reviews of other people. After all, the road may be closed, and the entrance to the attraction may not be in the place where Google shows.

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