What should I bring as souvenirs from Iceland?

What gifts and souvenirs should I bring from Iceland? It's simple - a sweater, a rotten shark, cosmetics! 

And a couple more interesting things...

At the end of the article there are tips on where to buy souvenirs!

Wool sweater - Lopapeysa

What is Iceland famous for, besides stunning landscapes and natural beauties?

Cold weather!

Wool sweater - Lopapeysa from Iceland

One of the most recognizable and luxurious souvenirs from Iceland that you can buy - is a traditional handmade Icelandic wool sweater. Sheep's wool keeps you warm perfectly, plus the patterns are cute!

The main feature of lopapeis is the yarn from which it is knitted, it is called lopi and is spun from the wool of sheep that are bred in Iceland. The fleece of these sheep consists of two layers, each of which belongs to different types of wool. The outer layer is water-resistant and is a long coarse solid fiber, and the lower one consists of short, unusually soft, heat-retaining fibers. To create yarn-lopes, they are processed together.

When buying, make sure that your sweater is made of natural wool and is actually made in Iceland (a lot of fakes have appeared recently!). Lopapeisa is an expensive thing, the average price is 20,000 - 30,000 Icelandic crowns (120-250 US dollars), so if the price is much lower, then it is probably a fake.

If you don't have room in your luggage for a new sweater, you can buy other traditional wool products - a hat, mittens or a scarf. Or even just woolen threads from which you can then knit something for yourself.

Sea salt

Try the local sea salts, which are produced using 100% geothermal energy! There are many different flavors to choose from - not everyone knows that you can find different flavored salts!

Iceland is doing a really good job of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and many salt companies around the island are fantastically promoting eco-production.

Sea salt souvenir from Iceland

You can buy salt in beautiful gift packages if you want to bring a gift for someone.


Incredible Icelandic jewelry - since the country is already beautiful, jewelry production is usually inspired by natural landscapes. Craftsmen create amazing necklaces, rings and earrings! There are also many things with Viking motifs and ancient runes.

Unfortunately, the smooth, polished lava ornaments that are popular with tourists in Iceland are most likely imported from another country or even plastic fakes! If the stone is being polished, then it is most likely not Icelandic lava.

украшения сувенир из Исландии

Brennivín vodka

Iceland is not very famous for producing alcohol, but if there's anything worth trying, it's Brennivine. It's the country's signature drink, so it's definitely one of the best things to buy in Iceland! The word "brennivine" literally translates as "burning wine", so this is one of the reasons to try it.

The taste is similar to vodka, but unlike traditional vodka, Brennivine is fragrant. It's all because of the cumin.

сувенир из Исландии водка brennivin

Cosmetics from the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular places for those who come to Iceland. But not everyone knows that there are also some of the best souvenirs that can be brought from Iceland. At the exit of the complex there is a shop where you can find face and body skin care products, as well as various masks.

In the lagoon you will have the opportunity to try a mask made of algae or silica. You can buy it and much more in this store.

Косметика из Голубой Лагуны сувениры из Исландии

Tip - you can buy all the same cosmetics at the airport on the way back, even much cheaper than in the blue lagoon itself.

Seasoned shark meat - Hakarl

Hakarl is the most unusual snack that is prepared here. This is shark meat that has been aged for a long time before consumption.
Yes, it is literally rotten. Initially the meat of the shark is poisonous due to its high urea concentration, but after fermentation it becomes edible. This snack, which has an extremely specific taste and smell, is served together with local alcohol, Brennivín. It is better to buy this interesting gift in a vacuum package. You can buy it in almost all major supermarkets.

тухлая акула Хакарл - сувениры из Исландии

Where is the best place to buy souvenirs in Iceland

As already mentioned, it is more profitable to buy cosmetics from the Blue Lagoon not in the lagoon itself, but in duty free.

Brennivine is also the easiest to buy in duty free, since in Iceland alcohol is sold only in special stores that do not work on weekends and in the evenings, and buying duty free will be cheaper.

Reykjavik is full of souvenir shops where you can find virtually everything related to the culture and traditions of Iceland, from postcards and key chains in the shape of Viking figurines to Hakarl.

Beautiful rings, earrings, and bracelets are sold in jewelry stores throughout Iceland, including in exclusive stores in Reykjavik. Prices vary, but the lowest, about 3,500 Icelandic crowns per necklace, can usually be found at the Kolaportid flea market, by the way, the only one in the country.

The Colaportid, which operates on weekends, is located near the harbor in an indoor area. Everything from antiques to licorice can be found here.